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Take Any Listing, Get it Sold, Turn it Into Your Next Two Transactions, and Laugh to Yourself at How Easy it Was! can help double your
chances of finding your own buyer AND double your
commission for just $19.95!

Reports and eBooks

37 Ways To Sell More Listings - PDF

37 WAYS to Sell MORE of Your Own Listings, for MORE Money, in LESS Time, in ANY MARKET!

Ten Ways to Make Your House Show Like a Model - PDF

TEN WAYS to MAKE YOUR HOUSE SHOW LIKE a MODEL (for less than $200) FREE Report - PDF

10 of the dumbest mistakes that smart people make when buying or selling a home... and how to avoid them.


Pre-Listing Presentation

Need an EASY way to explain how your new multi-channel marketing tools make you the GO-TO agent in your market for getting listings sold sooner and for a better price? Take a look at our Pre-Listing package designed to make you look like a superstar and make your phone ring with sellers eager to say, "Please list my house!"

Pre-Listing Presentation

For agents who want to really make their pre-listing package their own – we’ve developed the PowerPoint version of this handy tool. Now you can easily explain how your new multi-channel marketing tools make you the GO-TO agent in your market for getting listings sold sooner and for a better price but have the flexibility to add your own details. Add your photo and logo to the front page and of course your contact information to the end of the presentation. Many agents like to also include testimonials from customers and localized market information as well. Get creative and get those listings!"

Pre-Listing Presentation (Sample)

Use this SAMPLE pre-listing presentation as your guide for customizing your own! Need some help getting started? Click here to read our blog post (Need to Pump Up Your Production?) which shares some great ideas!"

Listing Presentation Powerpoint

Ready to knock the sellers' socks off at your next listing appointment? This professionally prepared presentation walks through the multi-channel marketing process step-by-step and spotlights you as the professional with the right tools for today's market to get their home sold!

Sample Expired Listing Cover Letter

Use this sample expired listing cover letter as your guide for creating a letter of your own to send along with your pre-listing package to expireds in your market. Just copy and paste onto your letterhead and customize with your contact information as well as the seller’s information and away you go!

Support Documents

How to Print Business Cards and Postcards

Top technical tips for ensuring that your Listing Business Cards print perfectly every time!

How to Post Your Listings to Craigslist

Simple, easy to implement strategy to have your new Craigslist Ad up and running in minutes!.

How To's

Step by step instructions for purchasing your custom domain from

Would you like to redirect a custom domain to your single property website? Here are the detail instructions.

Podcasts with Dean Jackson and Julie Escobar

Learn six killer Facebook strategies to get fast attention for your listings... and maybe even find a buyer in minutes.

How to use your twitter account to get the word out... and a secret twitter tool that tells you who's looking for a home RIGHT NOW. It's almost like reading people's minds.

How to skip the line and jump to the top of the page on google in less than 24 hours.

Training Videos

Introduction - Watch this First!

Featuring an overview of all the tools and tips found in your Ultimate Listing Toolkit, you’ll learn the many ways you can put your best marketing foot forward and get your listing SOLD!

Posting on Craigslist

Savvy agents know that Craigslist is a virtual hotbed for buyers right now and they're taking full advantage of that by placing their property web ads right where the buyers can see it! In minutes – you can be getting high response rates and results by doing the same!

What is a QR Code?

Crack the code yourself on this sure-fire way to propel your marketing to the next level. Understand how Quick Response codes gives buyers and sellers the instant access they're looking for and gets you results at the push of a button!

Creating a Custom Domain

Want to jet-propel your listing to the top of Google and ensure it's seen by MORE buyers than your competitors? Take a few minutes and learn why this strategy is getting big results!


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