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Take Any Listing, Get it Sold, Turn it Into Your Next Two Transactions, and Laugh to Yourself at How Easy it Was! can help double your chances
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Right now, there are buyers out looking for a home like the one you have listed. The trick is finding them, and letting them know about it before another real estate agent does.

If you know what these buyers are doing, where they're looking and how to reach them... there's a good chance you can connect with them before they start working with someone else. Time is of the essence, so you need to move quickly, and the best place to start is with the neighbors.

“...a whopping 44% of buyers said neighbors and friends were a valuable source of information about homes for sale.”

The very first source of potential buyers is the 50 closest neighbors to your listing. They know the neighborhood, they drive by the property - and they already know the house is for sale before anyone else. In the most recent NAR Profile of Buyers and Sellers Survey of home buyers, a whopping 44% of buyers said neighbors and friends were a valuable source of information about homes for sale.

It's easy to understand why. Lots of times people say to their friends, “I love your neighborhood...let me know if anything ever comes up for sale.” Relatives often like to live close to each other. Sometimes, buyers who “used to” live in the neighborhood are dying to get back. It happens all the time.

PRIORITY #1: Get the word out to neighbors so they can tell their friends!

We want to do it in a way that gets more attention and interest than the standard “Just Listed” card they've seen a hundred times. So we created a pdf version of our Multi-Channel Direct Response Card that you can download, print and mail yourself - or for your convenience, you caneasily place your order for us to print and mail your postcards for you!

The Multi-Channel Direct Response Card

Choose Either Design

The Traditional
Just Listed Card

The Multi-Channel Direct Response Card is different than anything they've seen. The message grabs their attention imediately and engages them in a way as if you had stopped by to talk to them in person. The card gives them information they can pass on to their friends and it invites them to take an online tour of the property.

A Single Property Website

“A site like this makes it easy for sellers to share information about their property with their friends and spread the word.“

When buyers go to your feature tour site they'll see pictures, details of the property, a map – and free report offers for both buyers and sellers. It utilizes best practices in direct response, with real time lead capture and notification.

Your sellers will love this because it highlights their property – and they'll be very impressed with what you've done for them.

A site like this makes it easy for sellers to share the information about their property with their friends and spread the word. They can tell everyone they know to go to the site and THEY can tell THEIR friends who just might be looking for a home.

Here's ANOTHER easy way to get your sellers to help spread the word...

A Sign Rider with All the Bells & Whistles!

This sign rider PDF is a piece of cake to send to your local printer and have done in no time. It includes both a QR code (that takes them to the single property website) and SMS messaging code which allows buyers to instantly reach you, and for you to connect them, while they are right there looking at your sign - timing is everything!

Which takes us to SMS Messaging on all your marketing pieces...

Let's face it – we're a "fast-service" society. When people want answers – they don't want to wait. That's why it's so important to provide them with a quick and easy way to get the information they want – SMS Messaging does just that. They text one code and it’s sent to your app phone right away. That way you're both capturing the lead – and able to provide great service in a timely manner!

Then there are...

Lead Generating Business Card

You can use these cards to get your sellers involved in the process... and get referrals from them for buyers who may not be interested in their house.

All this could happen in the next 24 hours.

Another great source of buyers are ones who drive around neighborhoods on the weekend looking for their new home. The very least expensive and most effective way to attract these buyers is with an InfoBox Flyer.

Currently Six Colors to Choose From

Click a color to change previews

The Multi-Channel InfoBox Flyer

What is a QR Code?

click here to learn more

When buyers drive by a listing and they like what they see – they want to get more information right away. When they see an InfoBox, they'll go right up and take one.

Now – when buyers see THIS Multi-Channel InfoBox Flyer – they'll know they can see this property right now on their smart phone via the QR Code, call you directly to set up a showing, OR log on at home to take the online tour. The very BEST part of using Multi-Channel InfoBox Flyers are the lead generators on the BACK!

In the first week or so – a lot of the fliers are taken by neighbors. That's great – because one of those neighbors is likely to sell their house in the next 60-90 days. So – we use each seller lead generator on the back of the flier to attract these sellers before they ever talk to another real estate agent. It's like having special x-ray glasses that turn all the houses in the neighborhood who are going to sell a bright green for you to see. This is a huge advantage.

Once you've got the word out to the neighbors, friends of the sellers, and drive-by buyers, it's time to head to the internet.

The places that matter most when it comes to finding buyers online are Craigslist, Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. There are specific winning strategies for each site, but Craigslist in particular is a fantastic place to find “right now buyers.”

First of all – it's free... and since new listings are posted every day, it's a great source for buyers who want the freshest listings.

The great thing about Craigslist is its speed.

PLUS: you can use nice looking custom graphic ads like this that attract buyers to your online house tour!

Craigslist Ad


Here's what you get...

A PDF of your Multi-Channel Direct Response Card printed and mailed to the 50 closest homeowners around your listing. You can customize the card any way you'd like: change the pictures, change the colors, and add your photo and logo if you'd like. Full color, full bleed, and printed on high-gloss UV coated stock, these postcards are top quality!

Choose Either Design

Single Property Website. Add pictures, video, virtual tours, property details, change colors and add your photo, contact information and company logo.

The single property website has 10 tracking codes so you can see where your visitors are coming from and which marketing sources are working the best.

Assign tracking codes for your:

  • Multi-Channel Direct Response Cards
  • Multi-Channel InfoBox Flyers
  • Property Business Cards
  • Seller's Email Address
  • Custom Craigslist Ad
  • Google Searches
  • YouTube Page
  • Facebook Page
  • Twitter Page

Now you'll always know what's working (and what's not working).

A PDF of the Powerful Lead Capture Sign Rider complete with trackable QR Code and SMS Messaging.

A PDF of the Lead Generating Business Card to get your sellers involved in spreading the word.

PDF of the Customizable InfoBox Flyer with seller and buyer lead generation offers on the back.

Feature Property Craigslist Template HTML code makes showcasing your listing on Craigslist a breeze.


AS AN ADDED BONUS, Receive the "Getting Listings Sold!" eBook and Audio/Video Training Program

What is included in this program:

Craigslist Secrets - what buyers are REALLY looking for on Craigslist, and a little-known way to make your ad stand out like a beacon.

Facebook Strategies - learn six killer Facebook strategies to get fast attention for your listings... and maybe even find a buyer in minutes.

Twitter - How to use your twitter account to get the word out... and a secret twitter tool that tells you who's looking for a home RIGHT NOW. It's almost like reading people's minds.

YouTube - How to use YouTube to find buyers... even if you don't own a video camera

Google - How to skip the line and jump to the top of the page on google in less than 24 hours

Article: How to Get Your Sellers to Help You Find a Buyer

Article: Why Open Houses Don’t Work... and What to Do Instead

Article: How to Make THIS Listing... Lead to Your NEXT Listing

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What is a QR Code

QR Code is a direct link to the internet that exists in the real world and allows people to access websites instantly with their mobile phones.

Users with a camera phone equipped with a QR Code Reader App can scan the image of the QR Code with their phone’s camera, which triggers the phone's internet browser to launch and redirect them directly to the website programmed into the QR Code.

QR Codes can appear in magazines, on signs, buses, business cards, or just about any object that users might need more information about.

To see if YOUR phone can read QR Codes, open your camera on your phone and point it at a QR Code. If nothing happens you can visit to get a Free QR Code Reader App. If you are redirected to a website, your phone is good-to-go!

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